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Suzuki: to cool or the fan is not blowing enough

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I have a problem with my Suzuki X90. The A/C works fine if the car is moving. At idle it appears that the Refrigerant is moving through the condenser to fast for it to cool or the fan is not blowing enough. The fan appears to blow fine but it's just not cooling the refrigerant. The return to the compressor is warm to hot. This happens when the outside temp is around 90 or so degrees and the car is at idle. It has the proper pressure as far as I can tell. There is a valve on the dryer that when bypassed (Unplugged) the clutch will not engage.I have no idea what this valve does. I'm 72 years young and had refrigeration in high school so I have a bit of knowledge of what I'm doing but a good bit has changed. But the principal is the same. What is the problem with this system?
Your symptoms sugguests enough pressure to engage the pump. but not enough to cool at an idle. Many vehicles A/C systems will warm up a bit at idle, but should still stay somewhat cold. How did you go about checking the pressure?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have a pressure gauge. At 90 degrees ambiant it is at 55 psi..
Hmmmm, well my thoughts would be to take the pressure up just a bit. It's possible that you are running on the lower end of the systems threshold. With the pump running ok, this is where i'd start. I hope this proves to be valuable info. Like I said, some vehicles do run alot warmer at an idle though. My 08' ford focus run substantialy warmer at an idle which is within Fords factory spec's.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Ok ...... I will try that. I will also get another gauge, that one is a bit long in tooth.
Joe W