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Spark plug wires..there are a ton of aftermarket exhaust systems

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Ok,my friend I have given this a lot of thought,so I am really interested to hear your response ;my SL2 here was your comment "If you are looking to add some power to the car there are some aftermarket spark plug wires available that have an increased size and better spark delivery, also there are a ton of aftermarket exhaust systems available that have lower back pressure and can increase fuel mileage slightly as well,I am game for the plug wires from your expertise can you suggest a particular brand serial # XXXXX other component is not cheap any way just for giggles what would you suggest.I have read where in some designs allows for the rapid release of gases which in turn helps the engine in terms of performance, thanks.Customer

Hello againCustomer

Hope all is well, sorry for the delay, I just recieved your message.

i would suggest either a set of plug wires by MSD (#32539) or if you want a cheaper set of performance wires that you can get frommost parts stores a set of ACCEL thundersport wires are also good wires. Be sure if you install these wires that you use a small amount of dielectrical grease on the points of the wires where they contact the plugs and the coils. THis is a part you can easily install yourself in about 2 minutes time.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thanks what about the exhaust system,Peter
i thought you had ruled that out because of the cost?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
yes however I am curious just in case it's within my reach mahybe.

A company called Magnaflow makes a decent catback system for this car but it will run you around $700 for this. I might would put this expense off for a while, especially with Saturn's announcement today of the company being shut down we need to see how redily available parts are going to be on the older models like this.