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speeds 55-68mph, it seems smooth again around 70mph and upwards

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When on the freeways my car is unsteady between speeds 55-68mph, it seems smooth again around 70mph and upwards. I've not had this problem before. About 2 weeks ago I went through a pot-hole. I mentioned it to my new garage mechanic and he recommended balancing the wheels, which he did and mentioned moving a better wheel from the rear to the front. (I own a Saturn 1997 small four door). He also recommended wheel alignment done by a man he uses. My first freeway drive my car felt as though it was on ice, it felt as though it was not connecting with the road and at 60-65 the steering wheel was shacking. I took it back to the wheel alignment guy who said if the steering wheel was shacking it was a balance problem, but mentioned he'd put 45lbs in the tires. I returned to my mechanic who said it was the high air pressure. He lowered the pressure but it still bounced. After much talk I purchesed 2 new front tires. I drove on the freeway and still have some shacking of the car.
Hello,do you know if they checked the wheels for being bent at all?Thanks Pete
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
As far as I know they have not checked for bent wheels, they did drive the car with me in it at various speeds, and "didn't think it was dangerous - or -- too bad
ok,overinflated tiores can cause a ride problem and can be scary to drive,they should have checked for bent wheels especially since they balnced the tires,if one tire took alot of weights this usually indicates a bent wheel or a bad tire.Even though the tires have been balanced a bent wheel can cause this to happen,you may want to have someone else take a look and check these wheels out on this vehicle.Also have your ball joints checked to make sure they didnt break and your tie rods and suspension components as well as wheel bearings.It sounds like you have a serious condition here and i would get a second opinion elsewhere jsue to see what comes up.I hope this helped,if you need anything else let me know,Thanks Pete
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I leave tomorrow for a trip covering approx 1500 miles. I've just returned from a previous trip of about 900 miles. Am I silly to start my second trip - mostly on freeways.
i wouldnt do this trip just yet until you know for sure what is going on,if it is a bent wheel then it would be ok but it would rattle you up pretty good and may eventually cause damage or weaken other suspension components,if you can get a quick second opinion before you go this would be worth it,Thanks Pete
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Many thanks
your welcome,thanks Pete