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accelerating or when i turn on the air fine..vortec

Resolved Question:

engine cuts out a couple of times when accelerating or when i turn on the air conditioner then it seems to run fine. i have the 5.3 vortec engine
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Pete replied 7 years ago.
Hello,is this more noticeable when the engine is cold forst start of the day?Is your check engine light been on or has it been on at all?Do you know if the intake gaskets were ever replaced in this vehicle?Thanks Pete
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
check engine lights come on only when i start the engine then goes out and does not come on again. no the intake gaskets have never been replaced
Expert:  Pete replied 7 years ago.
o.k.,this is a very common problem,the intake gaskets that GM first put on these vehicles were a bad design.since they were a bad design they have updated the intake gaskets to a thicker rubber in them,there is a technical bulletin out on this issue.What happens is on a cold strt the intake is sucking in unmetered air past these gaskets,this causes the truck to run lean then after it warms up the gaskets expand and seal up and the hesitation and misfire is gone,sometimes this can take 1 minute or 5 minutes.Most likely the computer is setting lean codes.I would replace these gaskets or have them replaced and most likely the problem will b gone,you could have a parts store scan the codes for you they usually will do this for free if they know you are making a purchase and if it is lean codes then this for sure is what needs replaced.I hope this helped,if you need anything else let me know,Thanks Pete
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Expert:  Pete replied 7 years ago.
i apologize as i thought this may have been a cols issue like i was asking above.You dont have to accept answers in here until you are satisfied.Sorry Pete i will leave posistive feedback as well.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
your answer on the intake gaskets is not the right answer it could be alot of differint things. the engine do cut out when it is cold only after it is warmed up and if Im accelerating hard. It does not cut out if im not pushing the pedal to hard there is a senser between the air filter and engine that could be my problem. also it could be the feul regulater. I talk to two dealers today and both think its not the intake gaskets. IM going to take down to the dealer to have it check before I do any more. how come I have three different figuers here two of which I did not approve. what is 1170 and 1500 $
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Im glad i didnot replace the intake gaskets, it took a little over 45 dollars to fix the promblem. I well never ask for your help again. thank you.
Expert:  Pete replied 7 years ago.
i apologize for the answer as i was trying to give the best possible answer here without seeing the vehicle sometimes it can be difficult to diagnose.Remember you dont have to accept any answers in here unless you feel satisfied meaning you can have the vehicle diagnosed elsewhere and if it didnt match up with the answer you got in here then you dont have to accept.Once again I apologize,Pete