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92 olds 88: royale..automatic transmission..It was not shifting..lever

Customer Question

Have a 92 olds 88 delta royale, automatic transmission. It was not shifting in gear, so I replaced the geershift lever cable. Was working good for about 4 days. Now, I pulled in to a store and cut olds of and came back out and cranked it and tried to put it in gear. Will not shift into any gear. Feels like it islocked in park. Can you please give me what the problem is??
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 8 years ago.
hi, did you disconnect the cable at the shifter,if it still will not move then the shift interlock is either bad or there is no imput to it from the brake switch, you should be able to hear it click when the key is on and you push on the brake pedal..guy
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Guy,

When I put the cable on , i took the old one off and attached the new one to the same places that i took the old one off from. When I got the new cable attached to transmission and the shift interlock, the shifting worked for 4 days, then it stopped shifting again.

I assume the shift interlock you are talking about is the place where the cable is attached at the sterring column.

Also I have not checked the switch at the brake pedal. Does the brake switch control the shifting or what? In other words if the brake switch is bad, would it cause the shifter to not shift?



Expert:  jazzmaster replied 8 years ago.
hi, here is some info on the shift interlock solenoid:When the Ignition Switch is in the "ON" position or during Retained Accessory Power, the Shift Interlock system prevents the driver from shifting the vehicle from park unless the brake pedal is depressed. Once the brake pedal is depressed, the solenoid is de-energized. The restrictor arm moves clear of the shift lever arm in the steering column, allowing the gear selector to operate normally.<br />The Shift Interlock System can be overridden and the vehicle can be shifted by turning the Ignition Switch to OFF. This removes battery voltage at the solenoid, leaving it de-energized. (Note: Open any door on vehicles equipped with Retained Accessory Power (RAP) to remove battery voltage at the solenoid,     &nb sp;                                                          this prevents you from shifting when the car is running ,the solenoid switch is part of the brake switch when you press the brake pedal with the key on it breaks a signal to the shift solenoid...guy