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Kia: wont van, the engin will not turn over

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My Kia won't start.
The battery is good, connections are good, all aux lights are on bright. When I try to start my van, the engin will not turn over. It seems there is some safty interlock that is causing this to happen. Van is in park, foot is on the brake, the starter relay is clicking but it seems no signal is gettig to the starter. There is no current draw, the aux lights are not dimming when I attempt to start the van. Do you have any suggestions?


HI there! It sounds like it might be a weak battery. I would start by trying to jump start the van. If you are getting a clicking when you try to start it, that indicates the starter circuit is ok. Even though the headlights and auxilery lights are on, they only take 12 volts to run. The starter requires amperage. It is possible for the batterry to have 12 volts and no cranking amperage. If it will not start with a jump then it is likely the starter needs to be replaced. Hope this helps! Thanks
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It isn't the battery. It may be the starter, it is difficult to tell for the starter is under the car. What is the best way to test if the starter is bad, and if a code reader is plugged in will it tell if the problem is i the starter or not?
The best way to tell if it is the starter is with a test light. Find the small wire to the starter at the starter. You will then need someone to try and start it while you chack the small wire for power. If there is power there,then the starter is the likely culprit.
A scan tool or code reader will not show if this is the problem.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.


Thanks carguy, are there any safety interrupts I need to look into before I dive into the starter?

The only one is on the transmission. I believe that because you are getting the clicking when you try to start it,the circuit is ok and it is not the neutral saftey switch.
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