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95 Oldsmobile Achieva: hour the oil pressure gauge drops..oil changed

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Hi! I am having trouble with my 95 Oldsmobile Achieva. After driving for about half an hour the oil pressure gauge drops to nothing. I have had the oil changed but that did not help. The engine got very hot and smoked before I got it off the road. Please let me know what you think it might be.
<p>Did the engine get hot before or after losing oil pressure? If it was before, then you may be looking at a blown head gasket. If it ran hot after, then it is most likely the oil pump going bad or a broken shaft that drives the oil pump. The lack of oil flow would create metal on metal inside the engine which would cause heat to build up and make the car run hot. You should get the car to a shop pretty quick and have them first test the cooling system for a blown head gasket and then have them pressure test each of the cylinders. These test results will help determine which repair they will need to do. Hope this helps. Thanks</p>
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It started getting hot after the oil pressure dropped. I drove it to get the oil changed and it ran fine but after driving it for a little while, the oil pressure began dropping again. I got it off the road immediately and haven't driven it since.
Then you are most likely looking at the oil pump going bad. What happens is that as the pump gets hot it will begin to lose pressure which then creates the metal on metal friction I was talking about which creates heat to run the car hot. On a rare case it could be the oil breaking down or even a clogged oil filter, but if you have kept the car serviced then that should rule out both of these and you have ruled out the oil level as well which leaves the pump. Most people who work on their own cars try to test for oil flow by removing the oil filler cap and then cranking the engine to see if there is oil getting to the top of the engine, but this is a messy technique and not really recommended. Unless you have someone to fix it for you, you are looking at a repair shop job. Sorry the news isn't better.
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