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Camaro: 60k mileage, due for an oil change at 64k..synthetic..diesel

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My 2006 Waja Campro is currently at 60k mileage, due for an oil change at 64k and is currently on Shell fully-synthetic. Service interval on time, previously on semi-synthetics. Lately I notice there is a diesel-like clatter from my engine, this happens during cold starts or when the engine is hot.

I suspected that it is the hydraulic valves/teppets that is the culprit. I consulted the opinion of 2 different mechanics. The first mechanic is saying that the problem is probably with the hydraulic valves of the engine giving way, change any each of the 16 which is broken, and go for an engine oil change.

The second mechanic also told me something similar, saying that the noise comes from the hydraulic valves, but this time he recomended to go for an engine oil change, to mineral-based ones + oil additives (X1-R) and the problem should solve itself. This is based on previous experiances he had with Waja's with the same Campro engine.

I am at a lost and suffer power loss. Your advise pl
ok it looks like you are being pointed in the right place , as to the lifters ,
the lifters are hydraulic and they use oil pressure to keep them up , but when pressure is to low they will collapse and that is the clatter you hear , as the lifers are not moving the valves at the correct time you will have a power loss , just like the timing is off and it is because of the lifters. there are some steps to take to correct this problem

but first i would recommend that you get a motor flush to clean the lifters and free them if they are stuck ( this will loosen them and clean and debris that may be clogging the oil system .

1 . motor flush for 5 min .

2. you will want to use a additive called lucaus for engine oil ( witch will not void and warranty you may have ) i have used this product for over 6 years very good .
you can find it at wal mart or any auto parts store. you will use this to help build up the oil pressure and this will bring the lifters up so they can self adjust .
i would try not to use synthetic oil only because it is very thin and may not be good for your motor seeing that you had this problem at the mileage stated above .
try to use a good name brand oil like mobil and use 10 - 40 .

3. you will want to also get the oil pressure checked to see if the pump is going out .

if this takes car of the problem my advice is not to use synthetic oil in your car i will tell my customers that after 50k change to a heavier weight of oil

if you have any questions or concerns just let me know.
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