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2004 Nissan Sentra SE: I was rear ended About 7 months ago and then it

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I have a 2004 Nissan Sentra SE-R. I was rear ended About 7 months ago and then it was fixed. No problems at the time. Then the engine light came on right after I got it back. The code was for a solenoid in the EVAP system. Not something I can fix myself and it still worked so I let it go to save money. Then I went on a trip for 2 months and the car was driven a short distance once a week by a friend. When I got it back it seemed fine, but then it started acting weird. First, it had always occasionally taken 2 turns of the key to start, but it always started on the 2nd turn easy if not the first, but now it sometimes can be difficult, maybe 4 or 5 turns before it starts and it seems to be getting worse. The weird thing is that when it is on, every so often the RPM drop drastically out of no where for 1/2 a second, when the car seems to be working fine. On the freeway, it feels like I took my foot totally of the pedal then back when it is on, if at idle or coasting, it will sometimes die


OK - the codes p0446 and p0447 reference your vent control solenoid which is mounted to your EVAP canister in the rear of the car - it was probably damaged in the collision - the problem is, this is the solenoid that vents your excess fuel vapor from the canister to the intake - this not functioning can cause dramatic pressure changes inside the tank and damage the fuel pump and/or collapse the fuel tank - from the symptoms you are explaining, it sounds like you fuel pump is starting to fail. Thanks, Dave.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Is replacing the vent control solenoid something that is possible to do with out much experience for someone who is fairly good at fixing things?
Yes, but sometimes the bolts rust up and break off in the canister, so you may have to replace both. Make sure you also check all the hoses and electrical connectors for breakage. You may still need to replace the pump though for your other listed conditions. Thanks, Dave.