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91 mitsubishi galant: will work while ac hot

Customer Question

i have a 91 mitsibishi galant sohc 2.0 fans will not work unless ac is on.both fans will work while ac is on,but when ac is not on car is trying to run hot.i replaced temperature coolant sensor still the same.i ordered a temperature switch/sender.could this be the problem?where is the temperature switch sender located on this car?i also need someone to check the wires.could it be anything else other than what i just mention.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Ricardo Hohl replied 8 years ago.
i dont think a switsh is going to help because the fans are control by the power control module. do you have a test ligth?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
no i dont have a test light,is the power control module inside the distibutor?so forget about the switch/sender
Expert:  Ricardo Hohl replied 8 years ago.
no, just hold your horses there body, i am saying it may not be the sensor., have you check the fuse ,the relays, the ignition switch and the control unit, before you start to throw parts at it?you need a test light, is it possible you can get one in the next hour or so?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i took it to shop and all fuses was replaced ireplaced the relay switch foer the radiator/fan but have not checked for anything else.i can purchase a light 2morrow.ill also try and get side mechanic to check wires.when i start the car i have to give it gas so it wont cut off then itll run normal but the temperature hand moves closer 2 hot due to fans.
Expert:  Ricardo Hohl replied 8 years ago.
ye that will happing if the fan is not opearating properly, i belive you have power problems and that is why i wish you had atest ligth to check the fuse ,it may look ok but if you have no power going to it the fan is not going to work.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
ok one more thing until 2morrow,the plug that goes to the radiator to drain radiator is that a sensor?or just a drain plug?i will then replace all fuses myself that way i know they are done and get that light and get back with you.i was told that the plug could be bad
Expert:  Ricardo Hohl replied 8 years ago.
no that is just a drain plug, and yes you could have a bad plug.