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anti lock light and AWD Disable light comes on...restart

Resolved Question:

anti lock light and AWD Disable light comes on. It started doing this and I would
restart car and light would go out. Now it stays on all the time. Problem???
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Rick replied 8 years ago.
Without a code reader to retrieve ABS codes, It's going to be tough to diagnose this particular problem, but let me give it a shot.
The ABS and AWD systems are being disabled because of incorrect data. The most likely culprit is a wheel speed sensor that is intermittantly failing. It's going to be hard to figure out if one is causing the issue without diagnostic equipment. Codes can point you in the right direction, or an A/C volt meter can be used to check the output of each individual sensor to see if one is weak.
Also, you should be aware of a factory bulletin concerning water intrusion into a major harness connector under the driver's seat in your vehicle. This connector goes through the floorboard and can corrode causing numerous problems with many systems in the vehicle including ABS. Peel the carpet back under the seat and look for green corrosion in this connector. The factory reference number for this bulletin is 01-08-45-005e.
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