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1998 Kia sportage: blown..rear drum..the Front Master Cylinder

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Is it true that if the Front Master Cylinder in a 1998 Kia sportage is blown, that damage to the rear drum breaks is undetectable until the Front Master Cylinder is replaced?



If master cylinder is blown and pedal is going down to the floor you wont know there are are hydraulic problems until the master cylinder is repaired. Normally, a line clamp test can be done to find a hyraulic failure, but with a blown master cylinder, the pedal will drop no matter what, so doing that test wont reveal anyother problems.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
hydraulic problems aside, can you tell if the brake shoes in the rear drumb brakes are damaged and in need of replacement without an operating master cylinder?



Yes, simply remove the rear drums to visually inspect worn brake shoes and drums and measure thickness of shoes to see if at min. specs, and measure diameter of drum to see if past max. specs.


The only thing you cant do is see if wheel cylinders are pushing the shoes out to contact the drums because you wont have any pressure to the wheel cylinders, so you wont know if wheel cylinders are functioning, but you will knwo if shoes and drums are good or not

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