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jagmaster, ASE Certified Technician
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head and send it into an engineering shop to remove glowplugs

Customer Question

March 09. Sent car in to have glowplugs replaced. Reputable company had to remove the head and send it into an engineering shop to remove glowplugs. Head was refitted, car would not start. removing head revealed a damaged combustion chamber seat. Engineering shop shrugged off the problem advising to repair with Pratley steel. Collected car April 1st.On April 9th the car rumbled under acceleration and belched heavy white smoke. Returned the car immediately. The same day a few hours later, I was phoned to say the engine had overrrevved under test and I was lucky it had'nt happened with me on the road. Their insurance are not interested and now 5 months later I am still without a vehicle. My vehicle is a 1996 Mercedes C250 Auto non turbo diesel with 317000 long distance km on the clock and still did not use oil between 10000km services. The head gasket blew at 245000km.
My question: Could diesel have entered the sump while trying to start originally which then caused the overrevving.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  jagmaster replied 8 years ago.
The overrvving is more than likely caused by an issue with the injection pump. I can't see anyway that the head issue could cause it either. I haveto beleive their insurance is correct. Sorry to deliver the bad news.