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jagmaster, ASE Certified Technician
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Experience:  10 years Jaguar Master, Land Rover Master, Aston Martin certified
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would be to change the brakes from drums to discs

Resolved Question:

Good day,

I have a 1965 Mini (not sure which shape). It has 10" mags on at the moment, but I want to change to 13". My main motivation for this would be to change the brakes from drums to discs. Is this possible and what would I need?

I'm in South Africa, so we don't really have access to all the kits available and have difficulty finding 13" mags with the correct offset and pcd. If I change the brakes, would I be able to change the hubs as well to fit an easier obtainable mag (with a bigger pcd than on there at the moment)?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  jagmaster replied 8 years ago.
Disc brake conversions are very common and not difficult. I would order a kit though for the conversion. I have 13" mini lites and front discs on mine and it stops great. The cars do handle and ride better with smaller tires though. I would recommend minimania as they are very good and they ship anywhere without problem. They will have evrything you need at a good price.
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