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Master Class Auto
Master Class Auto, ASE - Master Auto Technician
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Both the ESC and ABS lights steadily illuminated..trip..indicator

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What is the most likely failure resulting in both the ESC and ABS lights steadily illuminated and is also casing the digital trip distance indicator resetting to a 0.0 reading?

Most likely cause is DEFINITELY the VSS. That is, 'Vehicle Speed Sensor' located in transmission (outer) casing/or bell housing - and it's fairly easy to replace. Second most likely cause, is, a WSS. That is, a 'wheel speed sensor' mounted at one of the 4 wheels. If you have a bad VSS or WSS - you generally should have an Engine Light ON - and further, it's likely accompanied by a TRAC or ABS light as well. Want to fix this accurately? Pull the code and go to that circuit first.. OK? Lastly, as always, be sure Engine Oil and Trans fluid are clean and properly filled. Test Engine Battery and Alternator output as well. Computerized cars need specific base requirements to properly function! Thanks!

Master Class
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi Master Class!

Thanks for the lucid feedback. If possible, please state whether the symptoms are an indicator of a serious safety hazard.

Again, thanks.... Customer

No safety hazard at all, in immediate sense.. Worse case scenario is TRAC/ABS control - are sort of disabled by factory computer system, which still allows 100% function of normal brake system. (mechanical and hydraulic - that is) Therefore, I still will say fix this ASAP to factory SPEC/LEVEl - to enjoy added benefit of ABS and TRAC Control! OK?! Thanks!

Master Class