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i have a 98 lincoln town car with 4.6l engine. it will not

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i have a 98 lincoln town car with 4.6l engine. it will not start all the time. just cranks and cranks. when it does start it runs fine. i am afraid to take it anywhere and shut it off. i took it to a local garage and the first thing he did was replace the fuel pump. it didn't solve the problem. i changed the fuel filter. still does it. then the fuel pressure regulator.still no help changed the relays still no help.he then said the pump had a bad ground added another ground no help then he ran a hot wire through the relay so it would be hot when you turned the guessed no help. i cleaned the battery terminals which were not that bad but that why not no help. i can hear the pump running but it still just cranks the car has 41000 low iles for year i don't think the first pump was bad but do not know what else to try. the first time i was there he did check it with a fuel pressure gauge. and it wasn't getting enough pressure that's why we started with the pump. any ideas?
Has your mechanic verified that there was no fuel pressure when the vehicle is acting up? If not this would be the first step. You could be loosing spark or injector pulse which would also cause a no start condition. If indeed the fuel pump is not running at the time of the no start then you will need to use a teat light to see where the power and/or ground is being lost at. You could have fuel pressure and still not have it start due to the fuel injectors not opening.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the first time there was low pressure. that's why we changed the pump no we have it wired so ti runs as soon as you turn the key there should be pressure but i cant say for sure. how can i tell if it's the injector's not opening

There is a tool called a noid light. You remove the plug from the injector and plug this into the connector. Try to start it and see if the light flashes. If it is then the computer is commanding it to pulse. If it is not flashing then the computer is not commanding it. Check out this link.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
ok one last question then i'll pay you fuel pump is running in the no start i used the noid light and there was no light then i went to another injector and nothing during the first crank and on the second crank it started flashing and the car started so do i need a computer since it is not telling it to fire all the time or could it be something else thank you for your help doc i am gratefull walk
The computer is the most likely problem. The camshaft position sensor is what the computer uses to synchronize the injectors, but wont prevent them from firing. If the crankshaft position sensor goes bad the injectors wont fire, but also there iwll be no spark. If you have power to one side of the injector then I would say more than likley the computer. If you dont have power when the injector is not firing then you more than likely have a wiring issue.
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