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2000 saab 9 5 has code p1251 for control module low output,

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2000 saab 9 5 has code p1251 for control module low output, what control module is it talking about? any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello, I am unsure about "control module" but the code 1251 refers to the small motor that controls the throttle. I have enclosed the formal description of the problem. Unfortunatley, a scanner must be hooked up to fully dignose the problem.


Throttle Motor. Full PWM in Closing Direction.

NOTE: May set if Mechanism is not Restarted.

Fault symptoms

  • Incorrect idle speed.
  • Cruise control inoperative.

On-Board Diagnostics
Type of diagnosis:

  • Continuous. But interrupted when fault criteria fulfilled and will not restart until next driving cycle.

Enable criteria:

  • Test 1: Engine running. Car in motion.
  • Test 2: Engine running for less than 5 S.

Fault criteria:

  • Test 1 and Test 2: Throttle motor receiving 100% PWM in closing direction.


  • None.

System reaction to a fault:

  • Throttle control goes into limp-home mode. The limp-home solenoid will be activated 5 times in succession each time the ignition is turned on until the fault has been rectified and the trouble codes cleared.

OK report:

  • Accelerator pedal has been depressed at some time and then fully released. 120 S has expired since then without fault criteria being fulfilled.

Fault handling: See "Fault diagnosis, general" for more information.

  • CHECK ENGINE goes on immediately and can be turned off only by clearing the trouble codes.

Diagnostic help
A mechanical fault is preventing the throttle from closing.

Check the wiring
Jiggle the leads and in-line connectors at various points and in different directions to detect any intermittent breaks or short circuit in the wiring. Observe the multimeter, test lamp or diagnostic tool while doing this.

Proceed to Diagnostic Procedures See: Diagnostic Procedures\Checking the Mechanical Operation of the Flap



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