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Oldsmobile Achieva: ig pos..injectors + throttle body

Customer Question

I have an Oldsmobile Achieva 96 5 spd 2dr. I have replaced the following: 2 ignition coils, ig module and plastic housing ,batt, alt, spark p, Ac compressor, cam pos, crank pos, fuel pump + filter, cleaned injectors + throttle body, new cat converter on muffler.
I crank the car! goes to 1000 rpm then dies several times. 15 tries then it starts and runs fine! I turn it of may start the first time, or take 15 tries!
No check engine, diagnostics fines nothing, and idles perfect!
starter turns over easy!
Could this be an ignition relay problem?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Pete replied 8 years ago.
Hello,has the instrument cluster been repaired or replaced in this car?Thanks Pete
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No It has not . What is that? How does it affect the starting of the car? all of the Gauges work fine.
Expert:  Pete replied 8 years ago.
o.k,in this vehicle for only a couple of years the instrument cluster is the security gateway,if it malfunctions it can cause this failure to happen,in fact these failed very frequent and GM's fix for this is to send the cluster in and have the security system bypassed in this cluster,to do this they have to remove and replace the clusters processor.The cost of this is about $700 at my local dealer,your cost may be different.This may be what is failing in your vehicle and causing this failure to happen as this is very common.There is no way to bypass this system yourself as this processor is internal in the cluster and if it is failing it is not reading the key and sensor properly,this is something that should be done anyways as this is what gm wants as it is a known failure and leaves customers stranded.(Basically it was a bad design for the security to go through the cluster)i hope this info helped,if you need anything else let me know,Thanks Pete
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Pete if I get this to work! I will give you positive feedback! Did the Achieva Sc 2dr 2.4L 5 Spd have a key chain like part of the security system? You had to plug it in the dash to make it run? I just want to make sure That I am correct!
Expert:  Pete replied 8 years ago.
I dont know off any key chain to plug into the dash to make this car run,I just know that the security system circuit runs through the cluster and the cluster fails internally creating this codition sometimes.This was a very common failure and ive had to send alot of these clusters in to be repaired for this concern.Thanks Pete