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BigBob, Shop Manager/Technician
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Customer Question

Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  BigBob replied 8 years ago.

What is your question?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have a 2000 Hyundai Sonata V6 5 speed. The other day on the freeway I noticed smoke in the rear view mirror. The when I stopped the power steering. That was 2 days ago. Every time I drive the car I fill it up with fluid,,,,,after 10 minutes it is gone and no power steering. I think a hose blew but I don't know which one? Maybe the pressure hose??
Expert:  BigBob replied 8 years ago.
I see. Usually to loose that much fluid that fast it would be a pressure hose. If the stop leak did not slow it down then probably the pressure hose. Hyundai does not provide much information for the R&R of that hose but here it is. I would also inspect the suction hose because the diameter is big and you can loose a lot of fluid from there.


  1. Drain the power steering fluid. You can use a suction gun for this. .
  2. Disconnect the return hose and the suction hose from the oil reservoir.
  3. Remove the flare nut of pressure hose.
  4. Remove the return tube and rubber hose together with the flare nut and O-ring.
  5. Remove the cooler tube.

let me know if I can help further.

Good luck,

Customer: replied 8 years ago.



I sent customer service an answer. They charged me $18 for an answer that I agreed to pay $10 for. Its their error. The refund the $8 and I then accept.......btw.....the problem was not the pressure hose but it was the return hose.





Expert:  BigBob replied 8 years ago.
I will also let them know. If you don't get the refund let me know and I will send them another e-mail. btw thats why I sent the picture because obviously I can't see the hoses over the internet and any of those hoses could leak. I surprised it was the return hose, but at leastyou are on the road again.