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Ricardo Hohl
Ricardo Hohl, ASE Master Certified Tech
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Experience:  Automotive instructor at Porter and Chester institute
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Mini Cooper..garage..the Mini has done 102,000 miles)

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We have a Mini Cooper S. At service the oil that was put in was far too thick and now the car is making an awful noise and virtually undriveable. The garage are saying that this is down to fair wear and tear (the Mini has done 102,000 miles). The car was perfectly fine before the service and they have admitted putting in the wrong oil. What do you think?
i think they are responsible because they put the wrong viscosity and wait oil on your car that will create a restriction in oil flow causing a low pressure through engine moving parts like crank shaft bearing's ,hydraulic lifters timing components cam shaft journals,thick oil is a killer for small engines they have to us thinner oil due to clearances on bearings are very thin and if you put thick oil you are causing oil to flow through the bearings very slow and overheating the bearings, causing them to friction with metal parts and brake., if i was you i would report them to the department of motor vehicles and take them to small claim so they can at least help you with paying for the engine.
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