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Coolant leaks only when car is running. Leak comes from two

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Coolant leaks only when car is running. Leak comes from two small hoses that connect a big hose above the engine. Coolant drips on to the engine and turns into superheated mist. Coolant reservoir is empty even after refill the other day. Engine temperature is cool on dashboard. What seems to be the problem?
what is the year make and model of your vehicle please?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
2002 Land Rover Discovery SE2
the connection you decribe, above the engine, should be either a bad hose at the clamp, or a clamp has worked into the rubber and cut it open, begin with a full inspection of the connection, then remove hoses and inspect the inside of the hoses at the connections. the leak should just be from there, but you can look on the bottom of the hoses for tracking evidence of water running down it to leak in that location from another. if needed, local parts stores sell a coolant dye that you put into the raditor and then run the vehicle, then after it has started leaking you will see exactly from where as the die will give it away. or the T connector where the hoses tie in has a crack in it and needs a visual inspection to determine replacement.
also an option to locate the leak is to do a pressure test on the cooling system with a pressure gauge, this process forces the coolant out at its leak so you can find it, shops have this tool, but you can purchase it from a parts strore usually for about 40-50 dollars.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
it doesn't appear to leaking from a crack in the hose. there are two small hoses - maybe 1/2 in diameter - that connect to a larger tube - maybe 4 in diameter- above the engine on the right-front side. there appears to be caked-on antifreeze just above where the hoses end - just beyond the clamp. so it seems like the antifreeze is being forced out some kind of way. what do you think?
it is like i wsa saying, the hose where the clamp is, or the clamp itself has failed, undo the connections there and inspect, you might just tighten the clamps at the connections to see if the leak stops, if not replace clamps, cut the hoses back an inch, as long as there is room-so you have fresh hose ends to work with, reinstall using new clamps after a thorough cleaning.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i just turned the car on again. leak doesn't appear to be coming from the hoses. instead it looks like its coming from right above where the hoses connect. the two hoses connect to a black piece that is connected a metal pipe. the metal pipe has two tightened wires connected to it that run to the left side of the car. anyway, fluid is flowing out of the space where the black piece and the metal part join. this might be easier explain if I had a LR manual and actually knew what the part is above the engine.
ill look it up in my manual, ill be back to you shortly
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
the coolant leak you are discribing will be from the throttle body heater plate, they are know to leak on this model...
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