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My sons 2006 Mazda 6, 2.3L 4cyl, 54k miles, engine has a bad

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My son's 2006 Mazda 6, 2.3L 4cyl, 54k miles, engine has a bad knock in it. It was a quart low on oil and we put in the 5W20 like it said. Still knocking bad. I pulled the valve cover, everything looks ok, but, van not tell without pulling apart and measuring. What should I look for? A bad bearing, bent lifter? Will the whole engine need replaced?


Does the knocking get louder/speed up when you step on the throttle and make the RPM go up?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have been too scared to drive it, but, when you rev the engine, it increases with the rpms.


Most likely you have a bad rod bearing if it increases with RPM's. That's not good and it's usually not worth fixing the engine because when that knocking happens the rod is banging against the crank journal and the crank needs to be taken out and turned on a lathe. It's cheaper to get another engine from Mazda or a used one from a wrecker and install it. You could take tow it to Mazda and see if they'll help at all they may offer assistance but I'd not mention anything about oil not being in it.

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