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Laser: Plymouth..5 Spd was

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My computer in my 93 Plymouth laser 5 Spd was fried. My friend said this is a common problem in these cars? If this is true what causes it to overheat and why? And i just recently invested in cold air intake for it should i proceed with putting it on or just return it because i dont wont this to fry my computer faster

It is fairly common to see if a person works in a shop for a long time, but it is not something you would expect to happen again. There is no reason it happens other then poor luck and design flaw. A cold air intake will not damage the computer in anyway, so dont worry about that. You can get a used one from sort by price and have them ship it to you. If there was a problem causing your computer to go bad it would likely be a power to ground short, but you would have other symptoms too. Let me know if you have questions or if there is anything else I can do to help. Thanks

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Ok so you dont believe this is common in these cars? The only reason i ask is because it took weeks to finally find a used computer for it so obviously there is great demand for this item. and my friend said running the engine to hard will most likely cause this one to fry is this from it overheating? Should i make sure it stays cool?

It is not anymore common then any other problem. Alot of people buy these cars and like racing them and adding performance parts as I'm sure you know so since so many people are still driving these vehicles parts are getting used and that is why they are not available just as many other parts wouldnt be. I have a database that shows common vehicle repairs in thousands of vehicles and I see a few pcm failures but nothing too serious. I've also owed a 95 talon tsi and have had friends who have owned also owned 1st Generation suchs who built them up. You will blow the motor or transmission/clutch usually before you would have a pcm problem but this is more commonly with the turbo vehicles. Go to the above website and you will find a pcm cheap and have them ship it to you do not have to worry about keeping it cool, if you tried it would probably more exposed to water, humidity, ect and cause more damage then good. Even if your vehicle is running hard the pcm does not work any harder but every moving part does. Let me know if you have questions or if there is anything else I can do to help. Thanks

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Ok cool i appreciate that. And with that intake will that just bolt right on or will i need to mess around with a bunch of stuff because of the fuel sensor being attached to the regular air filter. I dont know much about adding performance parts to cars so would it be a quck hook up or will i have to spend a bunch of extra money to make it work. And do you know of anyhting else that is fairly cheap to add more performance to this car?
You will not have any problems with the cold air intake it will work, just remove air tube clamp, and put on new intake. Is this the turbo or non turbo engine? How much do you want to spend tops? It gets expensive QUICK, I had over 10k into my car and sold it for 1800.....I should have kept it. Let me know how much you want to spend and how fast you expect/want it to be. Thanks
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Ok cool. Uhh no its just the regular 1.8L but idk for now im just looking for some quick perks that arent to expensive to add some extra power but i leave for the army in a month and should be making some good money so buy then the skys the limit with this car. And would it be possible to put a 2.0L turbo into this car or would there be to much work involved since it came with the 1.8L.
If you were to put a 2.0 turbo in there you would have to swap the engine and tranny at that point you would be better off just buying the turbo car. But if you look around on ebay you should be able to find a stock turbo set off one of these cars and with a little bit of modifcations to the downpipe and exhaust manifold you can get a turbo on this engine. One of my friends did it and ran about 5psi with no problems and it made a HUGE difference. You should be able to get a turbo setup on this vehicle for under $600 if you know some people who can weld. If you did not want to go with a turbo you would want to do headers, full exhaust, intake manifold, camshafts, and nitrios......if you did that all yourself it would probably be around $1000 if you look around and buy some used parts. Otherwise you could even just get the cold air intake and a nitrous kit with car as is so then when you make more money in the army you could transfer the parts you buy to a different vehicle such as a mitsubishi 3000gt vr4.........that is the car to have if your into turbo imports. But you can do whatever you want for performance parts but realize you will never make your money back when its time to sell. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help. Thanks
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
ok cool thats awesome i appreciate the help. So you say 3000 gt Vr4 whats the Vr4 one is it like a turbo edition? And how much does a used one usually run for.
They are a bit spendy but hold their value really well and have 300hp stock. It is a v6 dual overhead cam twin turbo all-wheel drive vehicle, they are seriously fast. You could probably find one for between 5-10k. There are so many nice cars out there just look around for awhile and you will see something you like. Go to and look at vr4's in your area or just search through all of the cars between 5-10k there are alot of nice ones out there. But there are many nice cars out there so keep your options open. Let me know if have more questions, thanks.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks thats all the questions i got for you and i appreciate your help a lot now i can speed around in my car without worrying about my computer frying ha Thanks again.
I'm happy I was able to help you put your mind at ease....thanks again and good luck with your upgrades. Have a good one and thanks for the bonus and positive feedback. It is very appreciated.