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KBB, Technician
Category: Car
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how do i unlock locked radio on 2003 chevy monte carlo ls

Customer Question

how do i unlock locked radio on 2003 chevy monte carlo ls
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  KBB replied 8 years ago.

HelloCustomerthe only way to unlock your radio is to use a scan tool. I would try taking it to a local GM dealer so they can use the Tech 2 scan tool to unlock it. I have never seen a generic scan tool that will do the same. Below i will post the information about the theft lock for your radio which is straight for GM service information.




Theft Deterrent

The "Theftlock" theft deterrent system is a feature on all base and uplevel radios. There is no need to program a security code into the radio as in past model years. The theft deterrent system now utilizes class 2 serial data to determine if the radio is in the appropriate vehicle. Each time the radio receives the "run" power mode message, it compares the VIN information it has stored to the VIN information received from a module on the class 2 serial data circuit responsible for transmitting that information. If a mis-match occurs, the radio display will indicate to the user the radio is locked. Once this takes place, a DTC will set, the radio will not respond to any button presses and become inoperative. The two scenarios able to cause this condition are:

A radio is installed from another vehicle.
A module which communicates on the class 2 serial data circuit which supplies VIN information to the radio is replaced and not properly setup with the correct VIN information for that vehicle.

The only way to unlock the radio is by using a scan tool. Always refer to the table in this section to diagnose the "Theftlock" DTC for further information.











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