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2001 hyundai accent: you change gear oil..humming sound..engine bay

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how do you change gear oil on a 2001 hundai accent and would that have anything to do with the humming sound i here from the engine bay

This could have something to do with humming noise, you could drain and refill fluid with full synthetic. If that does not help you would want to bring vehicle to shop where a mechanic with seasoned ear can listen to problem. Here are instructions to change fluid. Let me know if you have questions. Thanks


Service and Repair


  1. With the vehicle parked on a level surface, remove the drain plug and drain the transaxle oil.

  1. Replace the gasket with a new one and install the drain plug. Tightening torque: Drain plug: 30 - 35 Nm (300 - 350, 22 - 25 lb. ft.)

  1. Add new oil the through the filler plug, filling to a level 5 - 9 mm (0.2 - 0.4 inch) below the plug opening. Transaxle oil total capacity: 2.15 L (2.27 u.s. qts., 1.89 Imp. qts.) Tightening torque: Filler plug: 30 - 35 Nm (300 - 350, 22 - 25 lb. ft.)
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
That picture isn't to good. Where exactly is the drain and fill plug. I looked earilier and saw one bolt about 17mm facing the radiator and one bolt facing downward close to the other but i'm confused as to which one is which. Could you be more specific. Its says it take 75w-85w could you put Lucas 80w-90w or should i take that back.

You will see drain plug lower rear of transmission. The fill plug is on upper front transmission it is a rubber plug. I would personally recommend using AMS OIL 75-85 just so you have the exact same specifications your manufacture recommends. You may have to order this off the internet if you do not have a local ams-oil dealer. Let me know if you have questions. Thanks






Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Ok so that black rubber thing on top is where you fill it. I went autozone and they told me that the bolt on bottom in the first set of pictures but 2nd picture you showed me the bolts that are close together i don't foll with. I actually pulled the black rubber piece off and it looks like you could fit a funnel down there and pour it right in. am I correct. i won't too many more questions thanks!
Yes the rubber plug is where you add the gear oil. You can use a funnel and if funnel is having hard time reaching hole you can put a hose in the hole and conenct it to the funnel. After all the fluid is drained make sure you put the proper amount of fluid in it and you will be good to go. Let me know if there is anything else I can do. Thanks
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
last question. I was on here before about changing atf fluid on 2000 eclipse. My question is i took it to Firestone last july and had a tranny flush five days after buying the car. anyway it's been shifting rough every since and shutters in between 2nd and 3rd. i took it back they showed me a Technical service bulletin about a 2-3 shift so i looked it up. iwas told buy a stealership i mean dealership that they don't use the correct fluid but what's supposed to be compatible. Is this true and could it do damage to your tranny. This is on my mind every time i drive it. i decided to go out there tonight and check the fluid and it's supposed to be hot but the fluid shouldn't be all the way up the stick should cause i think they might have overfilled. so it's been like that for a year. I'm going to check when the car heats up to make sure. It could possibly be overfilled and not be the fluid specified by mitsubishi. Is there anything i can do if i had problems after a year?



If the fluid was not working it would cause problems in all gears instead of just the 2.3. If you are having shifting problems you would want to bring your vehicle to the dealership so they can access transmissio codes "cheap scan tools cant" if they pull a code you would want to replace whatever part code says. You could try to get some AMS-OIl Transmission fluid and have it flushed with that to see if it helps. If not you likely have a internal transmission problem. Here is a copy of that tsb. Thanks



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
last question. i thought about changing the fluid myself but everyone says stick to the fluid by mitsubishi. I'm using amsoil 5w-30 motor oil right now in the engine but was skeptical about using their tranny fluid so i'm assuming it should be ok and would 75w-90 be ok for the accent cause i didn't see 75w-85w. Thanks for your time and patience!
75w-90 should be ok, BUT call the AMS-OIl dealer during business hours. They can cross reference the fluid and tell you exactly what you need for your vehicle. But I use it and know they have a good product. Thanks again.
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