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edstang1993, ASE Certified Technician
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Experience:  9 + years as an ASE Certified Mechanic, Senior Master Ford Technician, ASE Certified Medium/Heavy
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2005 Infinity FX35: type sound..I get to speeds above 30mph..45mph

Resolved Question:

I have an 2005 Infinity FX35. Lately it has been making a droning type sound whenever I get to speeds above 30mph. It is most noticeable above 45mph. I don't think it is the engine as it the drone does not intensify when I acclerate. I wonder if maybe it has something to do with the transmission? If anything I hear the drone more as I am coasting or slowing down (not necessarily breaking).
I am making an appointment to take it in to a Nissan dealership that has certified Infinity mechanics.
Your opinion would be appreciated.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  edstang1993 replied 8 years ago.
Some thoughts that come to mind are that if this vehicle has a few miles on it, that the tires may be feather edged or a wheel bearing may be starting to fail. You should be able to check for a feather edged tire very eaisly by running you fingers around the inner edge and outer edge of the tire very lightly. If you feel your fingers getting caught by the edges in the tire this could very well cause the noise you are hearing. If your tires are rotated and you hear your noise more predominantly from one part of the vehicle before the rotation and after the rotation the noise moves to different part of the have your answer as the tires are feather edged. The cure will be to replace the tires and have an alignment performed. This is common, I have seen many other mechanics fall into the trap of replacing wheel bearings to cure droaning noises and the customer will return 10 min's later...angry that the noise is still there. If your tires are ok. next would be to rule out wheel bearing failure. You may have an issue in your trans (and i think i may have come across a tech bulletin on this vehicle but it was a year or two ago and i dont remeber specifics) hopefully there will be an easy fix for you and any qualified dealer mechanic should be able to narrow down and repair your concern. I would check your own tires by running your fingers around the tire on the inside edge and then on the out side edge very lightly, again if you feel roughness or like the tire is grabbing your fingers as your move you hand around the tire... you may have found your problem
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks for the quick response.

How can I locate or inquire about a tech bulletin related to transmission issues on my vehicle?

I will do as you suggested and lightly run my fingers around the inside and outside of the tires. The noise does not seem to be specifically in one area or another. If anything it seems very central like it's right in front or right under me.


Expert:  edstang1993 replied 8 years ago.
It then sounds like you may have a trans type issue as opposed to being a tire issue as long as the sound is coming from the area that you state and your tires are not feather edged. I ran across some printed information in a trade related magazine probably more than a year age so I dont quite know where to tell you to look. I believe it was is an issue of Motor Age. One of the cheapest and easiest ways to locate t.s.b's for your vehilce would be to subrscribe to alldata at and then input your vehilces info. You may or may not run across information related to this. Another thing to try would just be to google "fx35 droan noise, or trans noise ect...." The manufacturers are supposed to make tsb available to the public but they dont have to make it free or easy. If there is something related to your concern published, it is very likely that alldata would post it. I am not %100 percent sure that there was, so I would want to see you bring your vehicle in anyways as you said you were going to and see if they can rectfy your concern first before you purchase the subscription. If you get your vehicle back and then are not satisfied with the repair (or denial that a problem exists) from the that point you would want to be a little more pro active and then dig for some info to help get it resolved
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