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How do I remove the master power window switch panel to replace

Customer Question

How do I remove the master power window switch panel to replace a switch on a 2000 Kia sportage?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Asa replied 8 years ago.

here you go, if you have anymore questions please let me know, and if i nailed it for you , please dont forget to hit accept for me :) thank you


Power Window Operating Switch


CAUTION: When a removing or installing any electrical units, wiring or electrical connectors, disconnect the negative battery cable to prevent possible short circuits which could lead to personal injury and/or property damage.

  1. Disconnect negative battery cable.

Power Window Operating Switch

  1. Remove switch assembly from door armrest.
    1. Remove the screw cap and the screw at the bottom of the door armrest pocket and remove the pocket.
    2. Place fingers through armrest access hole and release power window operating switch.
    3. Remove the power window operating switch and disconnect the power window harness connector.


  1. Install the power window switch on the door armrest.
    1. Pull out the power window harness connector through door armrest access hole and connect the power window harness connector to the power window operating switch.
    2. Set the power window operating switch into the armrest cavity and snap the switch assembly into place.
  1. Place the armrest pocket into the armrest access hole and replace the screw and screw cap.
  2. Connect negative battery cable.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I assume you sent some sort of picture however all I get is an x. The instructions you gave are the same as Kia has on there web site, however I still can't fin the release with my fingers that's what I need help on. Thanks in advance-- Bill
Expert:  Asa replied 8 years ago.

if you removed the little cup peice, there should just be a little tab you push on to get it out, unfortunatly, i couldve told you to take just the door panel off, but i beleive you have to take that switch out in order to take the panel off.


anyways, there should just be a little tab to push over on, dont be afraid to use a little force since you are replacing the switch anyways, so dont worry about breaking it :) remember the golden rule, if it wont move, get a bigger hammer, just kidding

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I've not been able to find that tab Ive pried and pried as I've done manytimes before with no luck. It shouldn't be that tough.
Expert:  Asa replied 8 years ago.
did you look for any possible screws holding it in? ive never seen any holding those on but there can always be a first time, they like to hide them so look hard