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s 1997 saab900se Turbo 2.0 I. go the air cleaner..bolt..removing

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HELP Please!!!!! I'm 64 years old on SS and I have to change the altenator on my wife's 1997 Saab900SE Turbo 2.0 I. go the air cleaner out and I can't verify which of the pulleys is the tension pulley. I believe it;s the only one with the 13mm bolt head that you can get a socet on but will have to finish removing it with a open end. My brother in law sent me the 10 step instruction directions. He told me it should be the pulley that move when I press on the belt but I dis-agree and he's 2.5 hours from Old Saybrook, Ct. Can you help me? and Thank YYou!!

Let me know if I can help further

Good luck,
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
OK, So I was wrong and have removed the number three idler pulley. What is the tool i need to get the tension pulley off. I can't see where to put a wrench or socket on anything to take off the number two pulley.
I believe there is a dust shield that has to be popped off then the bolt will be exposed.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Bob, I had already removed the Undercarriage belt drive dust shield, the car is up on at 18" high ramp. Is the item or bolting device recessed in the center of the pulley. It looks like I should have some kind of key tool ie: large allen wrench to unscrew this pulley by way of the center of the pulley. But!!! thereis little room before a 90 degree tool arm will be hitting the inside wall of the wheel well. Please reply. Thank You !!

You dont have to remove the tensioner, here the procedure.



  1. Undo the air cleaner and move it aside.
  2. Relieve the belt tensioner of strain, using a ratchet handle extension, and insert a 6 mm drill, or equivalent, in the hole as shown.

NOTE: Exercise the utmost care to ensure that the belt tensioner does not break at its end position.

  1. Take the drive belt off the pulleys.
  2. Raise the car, take off the right-hand front wheel, remove the cover and the drive belt.


  1. Install the drive belt and check its position on all the pulleys.
  2. Install the cover and the road wheel.
    • Tighten the wheel bolts to: 120 Nm (89 ft. lbs.).
  1. Lower the car to the floor.
    • Relieve the belt tensioner of strain, using a ratchet handle extension, and remove the drill.
  1. Install the air cleaner.
  2. Start the engine and run it at idling speed for a short while.
    • Then switch it off and check that the drive belt is correctly positioned.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi Bob, I think now I can do this job, I have no manuel so I guess I should go online and buy one, but I would rather we get ride of the car, next I have to change rotors and brake pads but I havedone that before so I think I can do that again. Sorry to be such a pest, and thank you very very much.. Next I shuld select the $12.00 option. or maybe ask the right question the first time.
No problem let me know if I can help further

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi Bob, It's me again, I've got the wheel off, the plastic shroud over the belt drive, part of the atlernator looking me in the face, the bottom bolt has to be removed with a metric number 8 allen socket, BUTT!!!!!!! I cannot see the upper or top bolt to remove the alternator. It is behind the spring assembly casting and arm for the tension pulley. Here'e my question I hope it's the right one. What do I have to do to get to the top bolt of the alternator and remove both of them. ???????? I really need your help!!!! Thank YOU
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi Bob, I can't find your question regarding needing more information. This still the same car, 1997 SAAB Turbo 2.0 900 SE Trying to replace the altenator. Regarding my previous (same) question. What do I have to do to get the top bolt of the 90 amp altenator out as it is behind the enclosed tension spring assembly for the tension pulley.
You will have to remove the belt tensioner.

1 Disconnect the negative battery cable.
2 Remove the air cleaner and air induction hose from between the air cleaner and throttle body.
3 Remove the belt tensioner.
4 Raise the car and remove the right-hand front wheel.
5 Remove the cover for the belt drive.
6 Disconnect the red (positive) battery cable and the D+ cable at the rear of the alternator.
7 Undo the two alternator retaining bolts.
8 Remove the three bolts securing the exhaust pipe up by the exhaust manifold.
9 Remove the bolt from the bracket for the catalytic converter
10 Carefully push the catalytic converter to the left and remove the alternator.
Install in reverse order.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Bob, Wonderfull, not being a professional mechanic I realize I have a learning curve regarding the right questions to ask. So here it is . We both agree I have to remove the belt tensioner. The question is How do I get to all the bolts and fasteners or whatever they are and where they are so I can remove the belt tensioner. I can only see one bolt head that is facing the firewall. there must be others !!!!!!!!!!!????????????????

Thank You Awaiting your reply


No usually there is just one bolt that holds the tensioner on. According to the picture it looks like it is just the one. Did you remove the bolt?