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2003 Hyundai: dont know if the 60,000 mile service was done.

Resolved Question:

We are purchasing a 2003 Hyundai Tuberon. Has 70K. Don't know if the 60,000 mile service was done. Heard it is expensive. Whats involved, cost and downside if it wasn't done?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Matt replied 8 years ago.
What you are looking at is something you will want to consider as more of a "peace of mind". Being unsure about the servicing of a car can leave you feeling untrusting of your car. With any pre-owned vehicle it is hard to know if any previous servicing is done and it is always a good idea to have it serviced when you first get it. Most vehicles are due for transmission filter and fluid change at the 75,000 mark so you would most likely not get that done unless you just wanted the peace of mind. Looking at a general servicing you will want the oil and oil filter changed, all belts inspected, coolant level chacked and coolant tested, and you may wish to go ahead and have the plugs changed with also plug wires if you just want comfort. You should not be looking at a major expense to get a routine servicing done. If you are planning for a dealer to do it, you will pay a little more than a local garage. But again, it is the value of having the peace of mind to know that your car is serviced and checked out for flaws. That should be worth the cost of doing it. I hope this helps you make your mind up. Thanks
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