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99 isuzu amigo: The timing belt broke..pulley..tensioner..tune

Customer Question

I have a 99 isuzu amigo. The timing belt broke due to a idler pully not working (??) The shop replaced the timing belt, the pulley, tensioner and other parts to the tune of 739.77 - now they say they tried to start the car up and it wouldn't start, so they are thinking that they need to remove the head and send it to a machine shop to check the valves to see if any of them are bent. If so, the total repair (since they now have to re-do some of the work and the cost to have the machine shop check all of the valves) is going to cost just over $2,000. Does this seem correct? Shouldn't they help out on the labor costs since it was originally misdiagnosed? How much labor is involved in removing the head (hours) I know the Mitchell manuel will show a higher amount of time, but realistically how long does it take?
Submitted: 8 years ago via OnlineAutoRepair.
Category: Car
Expert:  chargeroz replied 8 years ago.
that does sound about right in the price..

they should of told you it may have damaged the valves before they went anyfurther with the timing belt..

if its a over head cam shaft this will happen to a lot of them if the belt snaps..

normally if you remove the rocker cover and the camshaft you can see if the valves have been hit by the pistons..

if i was to quote on the job i would of told you the head may have to be repaired..