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2001 chevy Z71, 5.3 engine my gas mileage has droped to a steady

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2001 chevy Z71, 5.3 engine my gas mileage has droped to a steady 13.5 miles in the last year. I have changed the fuel filter, fuel regulator, plugs and wires, had transmission checked and the fluids and filter changed. The truck has 149000 miles on it and runs great. Could the timing chain be stretched causing the difference?
Has your CIL come on? It really sounds like one of 2 things to me. first off, but should have thrown a code would be oxygen sensors. Like i said though. should have thrown a code. if your millage has droped about 5 to 7 it could just be carbon build up.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No codes,have had the dealer check it twice in the last 3 months, they say it dosent act like its is carboned up and they were the ones that recomended the fuel regulator. no lights on,no codes. have had the injectors cleaned. Can i remove the carbon build up?
yes alot of autoparts stores sale an induction cleaning detergent. its very simple to do, but it makes your car smoke alot while your doing it. Also you can try a better grade of gas. just dont use any cleaner additive in your fuel. It might show signs of improvment at first, but its really not good for a motor. Or im sure your local tech would clean your intake maanifold or you could take it off and take it to machin shop for about 10 bucks. Depending on how bad your gas has decreased you need to weigh out the costs overall.