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A 1998 Plymouth breeze that she ran..ran good..Weather

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My grandaughter has a 1998 Plymouth breeze that she received as a birthday gift so she could go to work. The car ran good for a short time and now, will not always start. Weather does not make a difference. There are times it will start and once at a destination and car is off, it will not start at times. Sometimes it will not start until the following day or into the next day. Then again it runs fine for a while, until this happens again. This is no time range to predict this. Any suggestions? Gas is always in tank, battery was replaced.
If the engine is cranking over ok when the key is turned. (trying to start) then you will need some electrical circuit diagnosis, Ignition system ,fuel delivery system and computer circuit as many of the circuits are controlled by the computer. If it is not cranking over at all when the problem occurs then you will need some starter circuit diagnosis. Unfortunately there are a few different things that could contribute to your condition and proper diagnosis is the best direction to go to avoid replacing components or repair things that aren't causing the problem.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Engine does not crank over, when this happens there is nothing. Then when the car is ready, it cranks over and starts. Any other ideas?
Sounds like you will need some diagnosis on the starter circuit , that will test the condition of the battery , cables , starter, ignition switch signal at the starter etc. You could have a bad starter or electrical circuit issue. Only other suggestion to try when the problem occurs if it is an automatic transmission , move the gear selector to the neutral position and see if it will crank over then. If that changes the situation you will need some diagnosis on the transmission position sensor / circuit.
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