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1999 mazda protege: is idling bad..really shake when in reverse.

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My 1999 Mazda Protge car is idling bad and cutting off. It seems to really shake when in reverse. But it has cut off when actually moving. I got a p1135 code from Autozone. My crankshaft sensor was replaced last year. My mechanic says its my coil pack. Any suggestions?
The code they pulled for you is indicating an issue with the oxygen sensor heater circuit most likely the heater is failing in the sensor and needs replaced. Coil packs are not very common for failure on your vehicle but not to say it may be bad. I would highly recommend you have some further pinpoint testing done on the ignition system to verify that the coil is causing the issue. It could be a few different things, coil , bad spark plug , plug wire, fuel injector or possible mechanical issue (vacuum leak) . The check engine light flashing indicates miss firing is occurring , as far as the battery light you may have another issue with the alternator that will require testing as well to verify.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
What other testing is suggested? All of the things you listed were on the printout from Autozone. But how can I test to get more specific to pin point the problem? I don't want to pay for certian parts or services that may not solve the problem.
Unless you have a lab scope and are familiar with testing ignition systems I would recommend taking it to a repair facility so they can give you some diagnosis/ advice as there are a few different things that can cause your issue. You could try to replace spark plugs and wires as a first step.
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