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my 1988 plymouth K car Idle so High?..changed the idle position sensor

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Why does my 1988 Plymouth K car Idle so High? I have changed the idle position sensor and have had no change.


Is your engine fuel injected, or does yours have a carburetor? both fuel systems were available in that model that year...

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

It has a carborator- it has a brass (possibly electrical injector) that squirts the gas - this is constantly squirting!!


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Steve, Did you not get my reply?

I'm at work and trying to do this at the same time. Please bear with me if I don't respond immediately. I may be busy. I always work on my own cars but I'm stumped with this problem. Thanks so much!


Apologies for the delay in responding; we do this between fixing cars in the shop...

I'm not sure still which fuel system you have there; carburetors do not have anything electrical that sprays fuel... I suspect you are describing a throttle body fuel injection system, which should notmally be spraying fuel when the engine is running (it looks similiar to a small garden hose nozzle).

On this design, there are seveal things that can cause a faster than normal idle speed.

The first thing to check for is any kind of vacuum leak, especially around the intake manifold and in the area between the manifold and the cylinder head casting (there are several vacuum hoses that commonly become brittle and leak in that area).

if you do not have a vacuum leak, you may have a faulty coolant temperature sensor, faulty engine thermostat, or a low engine coolant level in the radiator. Any of these things will make the computer think the engine is cold, and cause it to command a fast idle.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
What is an air idle valve and would that help me?