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97 lincoln: blend..assembly..removing..1 bracket bolt from dash side

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how to remove blend air door assembly on 97 lincoln mark 8 after removing dash unit?
I have removed 3 attaching nuts from firewall side and 1 bracket bolt from dash side,
but I feel it is still attached by more than the 2 heater hoses.
Hello Cuda, and welcome to Just Answer. I will try to answer your question fully, and the more detailed information about the problem that you can provide, the faster I can answer. Any time you have any questions, need service information, or any diagrams, please ask. I'll do my best to answer your question, yet I don't get paid until you accept. Anytime you would like another opinion, let me know. I've done a few Town Cars limos and Continentals. They always hide a bolt or 2. There are 2 boltsnuts directly below where the heater core exits the firewall. Have those been removed?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I believe we are talking about same nuts.
When facing the firewall, they are under and to the right of
the heater core.
I'm going by looking at the new unit sitting on the bench.
There seems to be 4 fastening points,1 on the inside attached to a small bracket, and 3 on the firewall side, 2 near the heater core, and 1 about mid firewall about 4 in. above center of transmission
bellhousing. I found all of these and was able to remove them along
with a considerable amount of flesh!
I have done this job once before on an 87' Mark VII many years.
It was tough, but not this bad.
Any help would be appreciated Thanks, Rick
Did you replace the unit because the blend door is broken and no longer available?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
According to Ford, the unit has 2 potential problems.
Either the drive motor breaks a gear, or an arm breaks on
the air door assembly. I also wasn't doing to do this job
without replacing the evaporator. I like the car and intend to keep
it for quite some time. I bought it new
That job or repairing the blend door itself can be had with the init in the car. But, since you have the whole new unit, we'll move forward. There will be one fastener at the bottom of the case,removed fron the passenger compartment, as well as one just to the driverside of center on the firewall.
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