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2007 Toyota Corolla S: cyl..Ive gotten the check engine light

Customer Question

I have recently began experiencing problems with my 2007 Toyota Corolla S, 4 cyl. The past 3 times I've filled up (from different stations) I've gotten the check engine light. This has usually only lasted a short time before turning off though. Yesterday, I filled up at a place I never had before and initially the car was running fine. After sitting for a short time, I went to drive it again to have it lose power in gear while driving after about 3 miles. When the engine lost power (no response from throttle) the battery light also came on and I lost power steering (only on first occurrence). After sitting on the edge of the road for about 5 minutes, the car started up and was able to make it home fine. Since then, it has done this multiple more times and the amount of times it has taken to re-start has significantly increased along with the amount of time that I've had to wait. The car still has electrical power at these times.

Any suggestions?

Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Tom replied 8 years ago.
Ok alot of times when you fill up at gas stations they leave the gas cap loose witch in turn will tell the evap system that there is a leak untill the car goes 3 drive cylces and determines theres not a leak then the light will go off so make sure they tighten the cap 3 clicks the other problem can be caused by overfillingtrol the gas tank which in turn causes fuel to get into the purge control solenoide whic will cause the problem you are having and it possibly damged it causing the long restart need to bring it in to the dealer have them scan the car most likely its an evap code and they will replace whatever went bad still under warranty so make sure you dont pay a dime
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Will check this out. Will driving it in (about 10 miles) cause any further damage?

Thanks for the help!
Expert:  Tom replied 8 years ago.
No should be fine
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for the help
Expert:  Tom replied 8 years ago.
No problem glad to be here to help