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Josh C
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Experience:  MECP Certified 1st Class Tech,A.S.E. certified - 18 years in Automotive Electrical and Mechanics.
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Sedona: shorted..tail lights..lights work..relay box under hood

Resolved Question:

trialer taillight shorted,lost park/tail lights on 05 sedona all other lights work,fuse in relay box under hood still good ,is there a fusable link or something i cant find ?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Josh C replied 8 years ago.

Helo Kachena!


There is another fuse box in the vehicle, It is on the drivers side, under the dashboard on the left- You will have to remove a snap on cover over it to hide it. . The fuse you need to change will be named "PARK" or "TAIL".


I If you do not have an owners manual for your Sedona, there is a PDF version available free of charge here:


Check page 159 for a picture of the inner fuse box.


Let me know if you need any more help!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
josh c already check fuse box in van no fuse marked park or tail checked other fuses all good. p/trn fuse in relay box,good.put batt voltage to park side of p/trn bulb socket, park/tail light up
Expert:  Josh C replied 8 years ago.



Have you checked the fuses inside the van and in the underhood fuse box with a meter? I have seen several fuses that have "looked" good, but were in fact bad.. they can actually break on the end, where the fusible link will look fine through the top, making them seem ok. _I would suggest using a test light on all fuses, a nad fuse will have power on one side, and nothing on the other.


If you have applied 12V to the parking light circuit and the parking lights turn on, then there is no physical damage to the circuit itself. It has to be a fuse, or the very unlikely possibility of the parking light relay going bad from being shorted out - this IS a possibility, but it is highly unlikely.


I have been in the Automotive Electronics business for 18 years, and everything is still telling me there has to be a fuse that was overlooked.Especially after you put voltage to the socket and the rest of the lights turned on.


The only other possible explanation for this would be the dashboard dimmer switch - I have seen on RARE occasions (and on GMC's mainly) when the dimmer gets shorted and burns up, the parking lights will no longer work due to the parking light circuit passing through the dimmer rather than just using it as a voltage source.



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