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2005 suzuki verona: stall..start runs ok..acceleration

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I have a 2005 suzuki verona it has 28987 miles on it and when i fill the tank up with gas to the F the engine will stall out but start right up. Now if i keep the gas level below the mid mark it runs ok until i get below the quarter mark then i start getting delays in my acceleration.
Ok first thing is there a check engine light on
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

No there is not a check engine light on but a few months ago it came on. I took it to auto zone they gave me two slips of paper with this on it:



fuel trim bank two condition


the ecm has detedted a rich or lean air fule ration

condition on engine bank two

probable cause

if bank one and two are set together suspect fuel condition or maf sensor fault

failed ho2s21

igition misfire condition ( personaly i dont think this is it becasue the car starts right up after a stall)

fuel injector problem (I dont think this is it either becasue it runs perfect well driving on the highway, or cruising)

engine mechanical condition ( I dont think this is it either becasue the engine is still farily new)


Now I had two receipts this was the first one.

The second one i lost but it mentioned something pointing to the o2 sensor.


Ok a faulty o2 sensor wont have anything to do with it staling when the tank is full .Have you had any problems with faulty readings on the gas gauge
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No i have not. When i fill it up my car shows just below a full tank.
Ok sounds more to me like an issue with the evap system like a faulty puge control valve which is allowing gas in when you fill up and causing the stalling issue that would give you a code of p1456 or so id have that checkd next that valve should have no fuel in it at all if it has fuel in it its bad
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Were is the purge control valve located so i can check it? Also I keep seeing many problemes with veronas and oxygen sensors. Is it possible that the o2 sensor is some how indrectly related. One last thing if it is a faulty purge control valve is it fixable and how much will it cost. Also should i take it to the dealer to get it fixed or some were else like pepboys.
Ok its possible the running rough is due to the faulty o2 sensor but the stalling when filling the tank is more likely evap related but good news both problems are covered under the federal emissions warranty 7 years 110,000 miles id bring it in to the dealer
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Ok so if i took it to the dealer to have them check the pcv how much would it cost and how long would it take to fix
No its the evap canister purge control valve and its under warranty and they will need the car for the day and should provide you with a loaner car since its a warranty repair
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
My car isnt under waranty. Its a 2005 with 29000 miles. The federal warranty is only good if you fail your emission test...right. Also without a check engine light how do i proove its the evap canister purge control valve
No its covered no matter what so bring it in
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