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1998 isuzu trooper manual transmission wont go into 5th gear

Resolved Question:

1998 isuzu trooper manual transmission won't go into 5th gear easy. Shifts easier when car is off. clutch replace 25K miles ago.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Toddred replied 8 years ago.
I do not think it would be the linkage, or the clutch. The higher gears are more relyant on syncros inside the transmission to go into gear smoothly. When the engine is off there are no moving parts and tolerances are wide and easy to enguage. It should also be easy to put in gear if you press in the clutch first thing in the morning or after a long time sitting because is no movement yet. Once the cluch is let out oil is slung around and the gears get moved around tightening tolerances and pushing against the thrush bearings, which shift the inner shafts. If you drain some oil out and have a look you will probably see some metal material from shaving metal off of the thrust bearings and sincro's. If this is the case and you do see metal in the oil, you will need to have the transmission rebuilt.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
OK, I just had the transmission oil changed a couple days ago hoping that would help. These people are familiar with the car, they have changed the oil for several years. They did not mention metal in the oil. I told them about the problem first thing. the car seems to be shifting better now that I have changed the oil. Not perfect though. But better than it was. On occasion my daughter drives the car. Seems like afterwards I have the same problem in 5th gear. Then it works itself out. This time it didn't seem to work itself out that well.
Expert:  Toddred replied 8 years ago.
The new oil will help in this condition, but not the fix for the problem. There is a plastic guide under the shifet inside the transmission and when that part gets worn out it is hard to get into gear because the allignment is then off but an additional indicatoer is that the shifter is at a different position than before in gears. You can really tell the difference. If that is not the case it is more than likely wear and tear on bearings, thrust washers and syncros as I said. You might even hearthe transmission getting louder but not always.
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