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2001 BMW 530i: white smoke..the engine starts Ok no knocks or noice

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Hello, I own a 2001 BMW 530i, the other day I pressured cleaned the engine, the next day, it started throwing white smoke and shaking a little bit. Later when I removed the oil cap I noticed water mixed with oil. the engine starts Ok no knocks or noice and the temperature is normal. What can I do to solve this problem.
first of all, don't pressure wash your engine unless you mask off wiring and electrical components and the oil cap. it probably just got some water under the cap. just a little is ok. it'll evaporate off. check the dipstick. as long it looks ok youre fine. it will dry out on its own and be ok. let it sit in the sun with the hood up for a while if its still doing it. if the smoke and shaking went away then youre fine. just be more careful next time.
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