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Saab: a headlight out..bulb

Resolved Question:

My older saab car has a headlight out. I would like to fix it as inexpensively as possible but I find when you are a female and when you have a saab a person is easily taken. I think the bulb has just burned out but I am not sure. Can I have this fixed at just a pep boys? What should I tell them is wrong so they dont stear me into something expensive and unnecessar? Do I have to go to a saab specialist? Please tell me no.

Do not respond if you do not know saabs.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Matt replied 8 years ago.
<p>Provided it is just the bulb out, that should be a quick and cheap fix for you. Pep Boys should have no problem getting you going provided they have a bulb in stock and even if they don't you should be able to grab one at Advance or Autozone. You may even find that Advance or Autozone may put the bulb in for you for free. I would just tell them your headlight bulb burned out. That is true and should it turn out to be something more serious, like a wiring issue, they will find it without there being a charge because it should be moticeable when the bulb is installed. You are not going to need a Saab dealer unless noone else in town can get your bulb and even then you don't have to let them install it. I didn't see your model listed, but on a 900 the bulb was less than $15 including tax. If they give you any runaround, tell them your hubby asked you to get it fixed and he expects a decent price and job done. That should leave them feeling like if they try to cheat you that he will be coming to see them. Hope this gets you fixed. Thanks</p>
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