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JacobTD, Mechanic
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Just bought a 2004 Japanese lancer wagon with a Mitsubishi

Customer Question

Just bought a 2004 Japanese lancer wagon with a Mitsubishi multi communication system in it.
1 Where could I get a pdf manual for this?
2 can it be converted to English?
3 can I change the clock setting? It is 3 hours behind.
4 can I turn off the start up voice?

Any help would be appreciated.
New Zealand
[email protected]
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  JacobTD replied 8 years ago.
Does your Mitsubishi system show some Japanese text & the word "CD"? See

If so your system has lost its settings (e.g. after battery disconnection). You need a system reset CD to get it working again.

!!NOTE!! the SystemCD DOES NOT convert the screen to English & the time can't be changed as they are hard coded, but INCLUDED is a 26 page English A5 size overview on using the system - includes info on TV reception & instructions for connecting portable video players such as PSPs, iPods & Nokia N95 + wiring info for repair/modifications.

The Documentation is also available as a PDF file.

CDs Available;

For drive part numbers; MR252679, MR225216, MR213456 "Sumitomo Electric", for;
Galant/Legnum EAxx/ECxx (07.1996-08.1997)
Debonair S2xx (1995-1999)
+drives MR252795, MR252796, MR252797, MR213499, MZ608220, MZ608221, MZ608222, MZ608223, MZ608224

For drive part numbers; MR383899, MR383898, MR285270, MR538247 "Sumitomo Electric" for;
Galant/Legnum EAxx/ECxx (1997-)
Chariot Grandis N8xx/N9xx (1997-2000)
RVR N6xx/N7xx (1997-1998)

For drive part numbers; MR359980, MR583478 "MELCO (Mitsubishi Electric Corp)" for;
Dion CRxx (1999-2002)
Mirage Dingo CQxx (1998-2000)
Lancer Cedia CSxx/CTxx (2000-2001)
Pajero IO H6xx/H7xx (1998-2002)
Pajero V6xx/V7xx (1999-2001)
Toppo BJ H4xx (1998-2001)
Pajero Mini H5xx (1998-2001)
Town Box U6xx (1998-2001)
Chariot Grandis N8xx/N9xx (2000-2001)
RVR N6xx/N7xx (1998-)

Check the part number of the CD player under the driver's seat, passenger seat or in the boot.

!!!NOTE!!! Your car needs to have all the original CD player & controls in the dashboard otherwise these CDs may not work for you.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Jacob

Just answer emailed me with links to an answer on Monday 1 June but none of the links worked. I immediately replied to let them know and request working links.

I did not get a reply so through a goggle search I found XXXXX XXXXX's itex web site and he lives 2 km from me so I got the info from him.

I then got your answer link today 3 days late but because of the Just Answer link problem the info was too late.

All other emails and links on my computer are working so I believe the problem was with Just Answer.




Expert:  JacobTD replied 8 years ago.
oh you have problems navigating this site too? thought it was just me