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Our 99 CRV oil light is on and there is plenty..first start..drove

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Our '99 CRV oil light is on and there is plenty of oil. At first start the engine seemed to shake but then was ok. We drove about 15 miles to get home - no shaking. The oil light was still on.   I had an oil change about a week ago and to play it safe added one quart of oil as soon as I saw that the light was on after checking the dip stick. There seemed to be enough oil when I checked the dip stick but thought one quart would be ok to add.   What else could be the problem? Also, should I not have added oil? The oil went up close to the second dot on the stick.
Hi there, checking your oil level is the best thing that you could have done,always check your oil levels at least once per fortnight, or even per week.
It sounds as though you may have an electrical problem , you could speak to a local auto electrician who can test the sensor and wiring, as you may potentially have a faulty oil pressure switch. In addition to this you may also wish to speak to your mechanic about having the oil pressure tested, on a guage to check oil pump performance, you could also speak to him too about testing your oil pressure switch and wiring while your there.
If you have any other worries , dont hesitate to ask!!
Best Wishes; Matthew (aka;matt0302)
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