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2008 Sonata: xm os lacated somewhere in the trunk

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2008 Sonata XM radio does not get signal though the rest of the radio functions properly. I believe the box os lacated somewhere in the trunk. Where is this box and how can I reset the xm?
You can reset the battery but if it doesnt work here is the problem below, Please let me know if you have further questions...


This Bulletin provides information on the diagnosis of an Inoperative XM Set Top.

Condition - XM Inop.

Vehicles Affected - NFA built after 15 Oct 06 until 2 Jan 08 equipped with XM.


A). When diagnosing a vehicle with an inoperative XM Set Top Box, check for water intrusion into the set top box.

If no water damage is noted, proceed with normal diagnostics. If water damage is noted then proceed to Step B.


1. Remove Set Top Box
a. Gain access to trunk and remove trunk pad/carpet
b. Remove 2 mounting screws attaching set top box to the body
c. Disconnect box from harness

2. Visually inspect body for signs of water intrusion.
3. Note that water may enter at body seams, screw holes, body plugs, or weld joints.

4. Reseal all joints and any other suspect water entry point with appropriate body sealer sealant.

5. Inspect Non Sunroof Models drain plug for proper fit. Plug must be assembled from the outside of the vehicle.

6. After resealing replace with new Set Top Box by reversing steps B 1 a-c.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I am unable to open any of the attachments!
they should be working now. If you have further issues let me know.