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i have a 2004 lincoln ls v8 and the service parking brake light

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i have a 2004 lincoln ls v8 and the service parking brake light has come on. Do you know what is wrong with the parking brake and cost of service/repair? Thanks

Hello, as you know, the paking brake system in your car is computer controlled. The light does indicate a problem was detected. To fully diagnose the problem would require a special scanner to exract trouble code stored. I did enclose a description of the parking brake system as well as instructions for restting it. You can try the reset. If light remains on, the only option would be have a shop scan.


Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)
The Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) replaces the function of the conventional hand brake lever system. The EPB has 2 functions. Its primary function is to hold the vehicle up to a 30% grade. The secondary function is to be able to decelerate the vehicle by using the EPB as an emergency brake.
The EPB system:

  • has a switch located in the front console behind the gear selector. The switch is hardwired to the EPB module. It includes a yellow fault warning lamp.
  • has a control module that communicates with the other vehicle modules through the SCP network.
  • uses an electric motor and gearbox assembly to apply and release tension on a conventional parking brake cable system.

Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) Operation
Pull the parking brake switch upward to engage the parking brake. Release the switch, and it will return to the neutral position. To release the parking brake, make sure the ignition is turned to ON, press the brake pedal, then push the parking brake switch down. The instrument cluster BRAKE warning lamp will illuminate and will remain illuminated until the parking brake is released.
The EPB will automatically release when the gearshift lever is moved from P (Park) with the ignition ON. The EPB will also disengage if a gear is selected and the accelerator pedal is pressed. The EPB will not release when the release switch is activated. If the battery is disconnected, the EPB system must be reset; the vehicle message center will display "APPLY PARK BRAKE" or "APPLY (P)"

Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) Resetting

NOTE: The EPB can be released after the battery is reconnected.

The EPB system must be reset whenever the battery has been disconnected or has been in a state of discharge.
To reset the EPB system, follow the steps:

  1. Place gearshift selector in the park (P) position.
  2. Turn the ignition switch ON.
  3. Press the brake pedal and at the same time pull on the EPB switch.
  4. Then release the EPB switch. To release the EPB switch, push on the EPB switch while depressing the brake pedal
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