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Procedure to replace fuel pump on a 2001 mitsubishi galant es 4 cyl ?

Resolved Question:

what is the procedure to replace fuel pump on a 2001 mitsubishi galant es 4 cyl ?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  brownjeff replied 8 years ago.

I will attach instructions on how to replace the pump.


If you still need help just reply, if not click ACCEPT when we are done.






  1. Remove the rear seat cushion.
  2. Remove the protector.
  3. Bleed the residual pressure from inside the fuel pipe line to prevent the fuel from spraying out. [Refer to Fuel Pump Connector Disconnection (How to Reduce Pressurized Fuel Line.)]

  1. Disconnect the hose and connector connections, and then use special tool MB991480 to remove the fuel pump module.

CAUTION: Install the packing to the fuel tank, and then Install the fuel pump module to the fuel tank. Installing the packing to the fuel pump module will damage the packing lip when installing the fuel pump module to the fuel tank, and fuel leakage will occur.

  1. Check that the fuel tank is not damaged or deformed, and then securely install the packing to the fuel tank. NOTE: If the packing is damaged or deformed, replace with new packing. CAUTION
    • Do not tilt the fuel pump module when installing.
    • The packing should not be folded over as shown by "A" in the illustration.
  1. Apply soap water to the inside of the packing, and then install the fuel pump module.

CAUTION: When Tightening, be careful not to let the fuel pump module turn together with the cap. If the mating marks are misaligned, the float may measure a remaining amount of fuel incorrectly, causing the low fuel warning light to malfunction.

  1. Use special tool MB991480 to align the mating marks on the fuel tank and fuel pump module, and tighten the cap.
  2. Check for leaks from the installation section of the fuel pump module by the following procedure.
  1. Apply soapy water to the inside diameter of the cap.
  2. Choke the vapor hose and main hose, apply an internal pressure of 10 kPa (1.45 psi) or less from the return hose and check that no bubbles form in the soapy water.
  1. Connect the connector, and then install the protector.
  2. Install the rear seat cushion.



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