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I have a 95 3500 with a 6.5 turbo .I..blows..smoke..muffler

Customer Question

I have a 95 3500 with a 6.5 turbo .I just replaced the motor and now whin it starts it blows whiteh smoke and run rough.Is there a way to time it?Also could it just be the old water in the muffler from the old motor?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Frank replied 8 years ago.
To time that electronically conted 6.5 you need a scan tool to #1 command the pump to base timing and #2 see what the actual timming is.If its running rough and smoking I would look at the injectors-you replaced the engine but what else did you replace and how did you change the injector pump out since its real easy to shear the pump drive gear shear key.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I got a used motor and I took everything off the old motor.I did get new glow plugs and head gaskets.I have 2 pdms I think that is what there called.The first one I used had the truck smoking a lot the other one just has it smoking a little.I was just playing with it and whin I shut it off and try to start it right after it will start and die unless you spet on the gas .I have been working on chevy for over 10 years but never a diesel so I do not know what you are talking abot for the timming .If it was off time would it start and idel?
Expert:  Frank replied 8 years ago.
If the timing was off with in reason it would run-if the shear key was gone it would be hard starting and run poorly.You need a tech 2 to command the timing set since the computer looks at the crank sensor and then the optical sensor in the pump- you rotate the pump for about 3 degrees and when you do the auto offset the tming will rean-.25 to-.75 degrees.There is a resutor chip in teh bottom of that pdm plug in for calibartion-make sure you have the one in there from the original engine,You have a lot going on-run it to see if it sets a code-the grounds at the back of the heads are critical-the injector pumps have issuse-the oem new injectors from about 2001 have a issuse with cold starting- and your cranking compression minium is 400 psi.If you have a air leak its going to start hard and die and also make sure the lift pump on teh frame is putting out 4 psi.

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