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Mr. EdC
Mr. EdC, ASE Mastertech
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On a 1996 rodoe I have these codes..camshaft position sensor

Resolved Question:

On a 1996 rodoe I have these codes: 1......po303,cylinder 3 miss fire.   2......po303,cylinder 3 miss fire.    3......po341,camshaft position sensor A bank 1 crt range/pref.   What dthey mean and what can i do to fix the problem?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Mr. EdC replied 8 years ago.

Hi junjun

Thanks for choosing just answers.

The misfire codes are just that-the computer moniters the speed of the crankshaft, and attempts to identify which cylinder is supposed to be misfiring when it slows down. In the real world, however, sometimes the cylinder that is supposed to be misfiring isn't the one that actually is. But the deal is that P0341. The cam sensor is also used to identify the misfiring cylinder, and you have a code that basically is there because the sensor isn't doing its job every now and then.

Without having the vehicle in front of me to do any pinpoint testing, if the vehicle were mine I'd change out the cam sensor, and if it is misfiring all the time, it may require either ignition components(plugs, coils, wires) or fuel delivery diagnostics(fuel injector).

Some professional diagnostics would probably be worth the money if you are mechanical and can perform basic repairs yourself.

Hope this was informative-if so, please accept my answer, and thanks in advance


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