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I own a 95 3000gt vr4 my timing belt slipped, now the car will

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I own a 95 3000gt vr4 my timing belt slipped, now the car will not start, I checked for compresion on the front 3 pistons and I dont have any. My question is; can the timing being off cause my engine to have no compression or are my valve shot?
the 3000gt engine is an interference engine, so if u break or jump the timing belt there is a very very good chance that you have bet valves, and a even if the timing belt is off you should have some kind of compreshion. so i would say you head needs to come off
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The timing belt is still on, but i was told by some mechanic that because the timing has skipped so much it would cause me not to have any compression, I would like to believe him but I can't. since I have no compression my valves are shot. Would it be better to replace the motor with a rebuilt one or try to repair the valves? The engine has about 81,000 miles on it.
Thank you for your honest reply.
i would first verify that the timing belt has jumped and then retime the motor to make sure, i but i would say there should be a slight about of compreshion even if it has slipped.and that all depends unpon the condition of the motor your are going to have to pull the cylinder heads off to see if the pistons and cylinders are ok. if they check out ok you should be fine with just rebuilding or replaceing the cylinder heads
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