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The unlock code on a Daewoo Nubira stereo CD/cassette player

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Can you help with the unlock code on a Daewoo Nubira stereo CD/cassette player. The battery was changed and the radio needs the code. We don't have it and there is no dealer network, as you know. Also, how is it for getting parts at this point?
thinl i can help you with this.. if you go to it will show you step by step on reseting your radio.. make sure you have the #'s on the top of the radio.. hope this helps...
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I guess the only way is to take it to a shop where they install stereo's into cars, have them remove it to get the numbers off of it and try the site you recommended. The numbers are the serial numbers for the specific radio, correct?
yes, that is correct... i also do think its odd that the #'s are on the radio itself, but the only thing i can think of is that they are traceable if a thief activates the codes.. just a guess though.. good luck and i am sorry Daewoo makes things difficult
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
NO, the numbers for the code are not on the radio, to my knowledge. I just think the mechanics don't know and just said that. I'm asking if the numbers you are referring to would be the specific serial number for the radio that we are trying to recover the code for. Pls. respond. Is this site usually able to provide the answers even on a more obscure car such as this one-out of production.

ok... yep.. #'s will be on the top of your radio.. should be a 10 digit # if you go to it will show you step by step how to get it reactivated.. they do charge a small fee.. but this is the only way you're going to be able to get your radio working again.. sorry, radio has to be pulled i recommend writting those #'s down in the event you should ever run into this again.. good luck to you and hope this helps..

Hopefully, i was able to answer your question. i realize Daewoo made things difficult in this area and as a result have no other choice, but to pull the radio for them codes. please let me know is you have any other questions
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Any luck with your research?
yes.. radio will need to be pulled.. theres a 10 digit # XXXXX the radio.. once you get the # XXXXX to the web site and just go step by step and you should be able to get your radio reactivated... does look like the mechanic was right on this.. sorry i know this is a prosses for something that should be so simple, but hands are tied on this one.. good luck to you.. let me know if theres anything else you need..
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